Australian Capital Territory Chapter

Our small but dynamic chapter was established in 1995 and is now part of ECIA NSW / ACT.

Our aims as part of ECIA NSW / ACT are to:

  • Provide a forum for networking, communicating and sharing current information, philosophies and practices relating to the provision of early childhood intervention services in the ACT
  • Raise awareness in the ACT of the nature, role and importance of early childhood intervention
  • Provide a number of workshops each year for local and regional areas which are relevant for both families and professionals working with children who have disabilities or developmental delays
  • Liaise with and support the national body of Early Childhood Intervention Australia by providing information to the National Council on early childhood intervention services, practices and issues in the ACT
  • Support and enhance the activities of the national body of Early Childhood Intervention Australia

Contact details for ECIA NSW / ACT:

Telephone: (02) 9873 2593

Suite 607, 83 York street,

Sydney NSW 2000



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