Cases for change:

Practical resource supporting inclusion in early childhood settings

In Australia, the case for inclusive early childhood services is supported by ECIA's National Guidelines for Best Practice in Early Childhood Intervention that enable providers and workers across Australia, no matter where they operate from, to access the latest research and advice on disability support for young children.

At the core of the guidelines are four quality areas, underpinned by eight key best practices:

Quality Area 1: Family

  • Family-centred and Strengths-based Practice
  • Culturally Responsive Practice

Quality Area 2: Inclusion

  • Inclusive Participatory Practice
  • Engaging the Child in Natural Environments

Quality Area 3: Teamwork

  • Collaborative Teamwork Practice
  • Capacity-Building Practice

Quality Area 4: Universal Principles

  • Evidence Base, Standards, Accountability and Practice
  • Outcome-Based Approach

To support the capacity of early childhood workers to further improve the inclusion of children with developmental delay or disability, ECIA NSW/ACT has developed Cases for Change showcasing the work organisations are doing that is putting best practice in action, guided by the four quality areas.

Example case studies include a training partnership to provide qualifications to parents, moving playgroups into the community and embedding a celebration of inclusion among the children attending their local preschool.

View Cases for Change booklet

  • Understand the guidelines in practice 
  • Inform your practice 
  • Share with colleagues and the community 
  • Promote inclusion in your workplace and the community
View Cases for Change booklet