ECIA Best Practice Project - Early Childhood Intervention (May 2017 to June 2018)

With the release by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) of the Early Childhood Early Intervention Approach (ECEI) and subsequent roll out of the approach there is a need for significant transitional support, change management support and capacity building in the Early Childhood sector. This includes the early childhood intervention, early childhood, health and early education areas.

Subsequently, ECIA has been funded by the NDIA to implement the ECIA Best Practice Project. The Project, which will run for one year, will focus on supporting the implementation of nationally consistent best practice standards in provision of supports to children 0-6 as participants of the scheme and to children who may receive supports through ECEI partners.

The overall purpose of the ECIA project is to:

  • Achieve a nationally consistent implementation of best practice approaches in Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) through the facilitation of knowledge transfer and shared understanding.
  • Assist the NDIA in participant readiness for children 0-6 by leveraging ECIA networks and membership to assist families of young children to understand early childhood intervention approaches, practice and outcomes, and the NDIS ECEI approach. This will lead to informed choice and control by families and the development of more inclusive communities.
  • Provide the NDIA through a partnering arrangement opportunities and forums to manage change and resolve emerging issues. This will include communication and network channels, access to practice leadership and key messaging on the NDIS in a broad range of early childhood settings and topics.

To achieve this ECIA will:

  • Map all early childhood intervention services available to work with children with developmental delay and disability and their families and carers.
    Document existing collaborative practices for early childhood and disability service provisions.
  • Identify opportunities to build on existing knowledge and experience in Early Childhood Intervention (ECI).
  • Facilitate a series of round-table consultations with key stakeholders in disability, health and education to raise the awareness of ECEI best practice and identify what ongoing support is required to ensure quality outcomes for children and their families
  • Conduct a series of best practice training forums and develop online training tools.

The outcome of the Project will be a National Capacity Building Action Plan for NDIA, and reources and tools to ensure consistency in the ECEI approach based on the ECIA Best Practice Guidelines.

Update - August 2017

ECIA (National) has appointed Health Outcomes International (HOI) to identify, scope and map all existing and potential early childhood and early childhood intervention services available to work with children with developmental delay and/or disability and their families and carers in Australia following full National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) transition. Andrew McAlindon (Senior Manager) and Natalie Arthur (Senior Consultant) will lead this work on behalf of HOI.

The key components of this work will include:

Stage 1: Planning, key informant telephone interviews with nominated stakeholders to assist in developing the Service Mapping Framework, and a co-design workshop.

Stage 2: Situational Analysis which will involve preliminary collection and analysis of the Early Childhood Intervention service sector. This will include: documentation review, preparation of a key stakeholder information paper, an online survey, telephone consultations with approximately 40 services providers and an analysis of data collected, and focus groups to explore key themes emerging.

Stage 3: The final stage will be a detailed service mapping analysis and resource.

The ECIA Best Practice Project provides a valuable opportunity for the sector to afford input into how NDIA can achieve a nationally consistent best practice approach to ECEI, identify gaps and opportunities for further improvements, and share learnings as the NDIS is rolled out across Australia.
During the course of the project Andrew and Natalie from the HOI team will be contacting ECIA Chapters and key stakeholders in each jurisdiction for the purpose of gathering information and data to complete the mapping exercise.