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Submission to Joint Standing Committee on Assistive Technology

ECIA drafted a submission based on members feedback to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Assistive Technology. We sought feedback from members, nationally, by way of survey and received 37 detailed survey responses.

We made the following points in our submission:

· Families of children age 0-6 with developmental delay and disability are new to disability and as such have limited knowledge of Assistive Technology and are reliant on ECI service providers for support and advice. Very young children quickly outgrow equipment and require ready access to new equipment.

· The Assistive Technology process is long and complicated, particularly for complex items. The complexity is a feature carried over from the previous state based Assistive Technology systems. Currently the process takes anywhere between 3 to 12 months which means that very young children miss developmental milestones for the lack of essential equipment.

· ECI providers who prescribed and source Assistive Technology for NDIS participant families have identified a number of issues impacting on providers and families such as high administrative costs, lack of access to trial equipment as well as cumbersome and unresponsive administrative processes.

· ECIA members call for effective and responsive arrangements that families can manage without ECI practitioner involvement with a clearly defined role for the roles and responsibilities of ECI practitioners in the Assistive Technology process.



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