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Sydney University conducts World-first study into cochlear implants and impact on speech

Sydney University recently announced that Biomedical researchers at the university had partnered with Cochlear Limited and conducted a study which may lead to more accurate predictions on how recipients are able to understand speech.

This breakthrough research could lead to implants that are tailored to the characteristics of the hearing loss for the individual using the device.

PhD candidate Greg Watkins from the University of Sydney’s School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, and lead author explained, “Cochlear implants are remarkable devices that have changed lives over the past several decades,”

“However, despite this astonishing history, listening to and understanding another person’s speech when there is a lot of background noise is still much more difficult for people with cochlear implants than it is for people with normal hearing", he said.

Greg is a recipient of one of the cochlear implants and said, "Computerised speech intelligibility models are powerful tools that allow us to evaluate how a hearing impairment may affect a cochlear implant recipient’s ability to understand speech in background noise.”

For the full media release, follow the link below.

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