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Down Syndrome Australia's Position paper on education

Down Syndrome Australia's position paper was recently released and aims to "...provide a basis for advocacy to government for systemic changes to the education system in Australia and makes specific recommendations to improve access to inclusion."

The organisation states that while there is clear evidence that integrating and including students living with disability into a general education setting leads to better academic outcomes, Australia has a long way to go.

Many students living with disability and their families still face barriers when it comes to accessing inclusive education. 

The paper says that families will often opt for special education settings for numerous reasons such as a lack of options of true inclusive practices in mainstream schools and beliefs that special school environments will better meet the needs of their child.

Down Syndrome Australia states, "Provision of inclusive education is one part of addressing barriers to inclusion in the broader community.

However, the Australian education system is not universally accessible and inclusive, and many children with Down syndrome and intellectual disability continue to face barriers that deny them this fundamental right." the organisation said in their position paper.

To read the  position paper in full, click the button below.

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