NSW - Protecting Best Practice: An evaluation of the transition to the ECEI Approach under the National Disability Insurance Scheme in NSW

ECIA NSW/ACT contracted an independent evaluation consultant to evaluate ECEI in NSW. Randall Pearce from Think: Insight and Advise conducted a process evaluation review on the Nepean Blue Mountains, and Year One and Year Two ECEI Transition Providers.
This involved a combination of interviews and surveys. The reports was presented to the Board in October 2017 and they highly commended the report. The report is an excellent analysis of the role and impact of ECEI in NSW, with some thoughtful and reflective assessment, summary, conclusions and recommendations.Thank you to all the participants for their contribution and comment, and to our consultant Randal Pearce. To view the paper, click the button below.

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NSW - Implementation of the NDIS in the early childhood intervention sector

The early childhood intervention (ECI) sector is currently in transition to the full National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This transition requires families to make new choices about which services best meet their child’s needs. It also requires ECI service providers to begin to deliver services under the NDIS, using its core approaches of maximising choice and control and individualised service provision. The quality of the transition to the NDIS has important implications for children with developmental delays and/or disabilities, families and ECI service providers.

There is a need to further understand what happens as more children, families and ECI service providers move to the NDIS. This will ensure that key transitional issues can be identified and addressed as the roll out occurs, to best achieve good practice ECI for children and families, and innovation and sustainability for ECI service types.

Early Childhood Intervention Australia (ECIA) NSW/ACT commissioned the Social Policy Research Centre to conduct research into the experiences of families and ECI service providers in the transition to the NDIS in New South Wales (NSW). Earlier research canvassed the relevant early intervention literature and good practices in the context of the NDIS (Meltzer et al 2016a). The research is a two time-point study with surveys, interviews and case studies. This report provides an analysis of the findings from the first round of data collection, and implications of the findings for the ongoing rollout of the NDIS.

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NSW - Implementation of the NDIS in the early childhood intervention sector: Report 1 – Findings from data collection Round 1

This report is the first in a two part study of the transition of the early childhood intervention (ECI) service providers in NSW and families to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The study will review the broader impact of the NDIS roll out on ECI services, families, the ECEI Approach and ECI best practice. ECIA NSW/ACT has contracted the Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) at the University of NSW to undertake this research project.

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In late 2016, ECIA NSW/ACT through a Request for Proposal process selected the Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW to conduct an independent research project over a 20 month period focusing on:

1. How families of children are managing with the roll out of the NDIS and what (if any) issues need to be addressed for full scheme roll out.

2. How services are successfully transitioning to the NDIS (to assist other providers and to enable any issues for full scheme roll out to be addressed).

This information will form the basis of a series of reports to ECIA NSW/ACT members, the ECI sector, the NDIA and ADHC, so that we can better inform the sector on the changes and understand the impact of these changes on children, families and services. Click here to view a copy of the Project Plan for this research.

A Reference Group for the Implementation of the NDIS in the ECI Sector Research has been formed and has met on several occasions to inform this research project. The initial surveys and interviews for this project have now concluded and preliminary data will be drawn from this information. The second round of surveys and interviews are due to start in October 2017, allowing for a six month gap to review possible changes from the perspective of service providers and families.

ACT - The NDIS in the Australian Capital Territory

The NDIS commenced in the ACT on 1 July 2014 with a gradual transition which took place over 3 years. The NDIA and the ACT Government have websites that provide localised information about the trial in the ACT.

In May 2017 EACH Child became the ECEI Partner for the ACT.  For referrals please call 1300 00 EACH (1300 00 3224) or click here to access EACH’s website.  

ACT - Child Development Service
The Child Development Service, funded by the ACT Government offers assessment, referral, information and linkages for children 0-6 years where there are concerns relating to the child’s development. The Service also provides Autism assessment for children aged up to 12 years.

The Child Development Service has an Intake Service and provides Drop-In Clinics for parents and other referrers to seek advice, find out if further services are necessary and where these services are available.

Access to speech pathology, occupational therapy, social work, physiotherapy, psychology, Child Health Medical Officers and Community Paediatricians is determined through a comprehensive intake and screening process.

The Child Development Service also assists families by referring, providing information and linking to other services and programs for example, playgroups, parenting programs, health services and housing. This could also include EACH Child the NDIA Early Childhood Early Intervention service partner in the ACT.

Click here to learn more about the Child Development Service.