ECIA is proud to be associated with an engaged network of professional and organisational members who share our commitment to supporting the ECI and EC sector through professional development, sector development, practice tools and awareness and information.

When you become a member, you will be supporting ECIA to evaluate and comment on NDIS and related strategic directions that affect the early childhood intervention and early childhood sectors, so we can continue to advocate for the rights of children with developmental delay and/or disability and their families.

To ensure we are able to service as much of the sector as possible, we offer both Professional and Organisational Membership.

Our Professional Membership allows those working in the ECI and EC sector to access tools and information to make a difference in the life of a child with development delay and/or disability. A strong community of dedicated professionals supports ECIA to speak on its behalf and ensure its voice is heard. We have three levels of membership to meet the varying needs of the sector - On-Line, Informed and Engaged Memberships. To find out more about our Professional Memberships, please click here.

Our Organisational Membership allows organisations and services, both large and small to benefit from our services. All staff receive the benefits provided in the Professional Membership* which ensures you are providing your committed employees with access to resources, tools, information, professional development and up to date information on the progress of NDIS. ECIA has two levels of Organisational Membership - Informed and Engaged Memberships. To find out more about our Organisational Memberships, please click here.


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