Does this Child Need Help is a resource published by ECIA to provide information and support to people working with young children in mainstream settings where there are concerns about a child's development. 

This resource is designed to assist professionals across a range of disciplines - from educators in the early childhood education and care sector to early childhood nurses and general practitioners in the health sector - the package is based on evidence based research and practice.

Training Opportunities

Training courses based on the package are offered at various locations across Australia. These sessions are delivered by trainers with expertise in early childhood development and intervention. Courses run for six hours and can be delivered as one, two or three sessions. The courses cover:

  • early growth and development;
  • identifying when a concern may be an issue;
  • what identification means;
  • how to raise concerns;the role of early childhood intervention; and
  • how to plan the next steps including referral.

Participants also have the opportunity to discuss issues and practise strategies for raising concerns about the development of a child in their care, with parents and carers.

If you are interested in attending a session but can't find one in a location near you or would like to organise an inservice for your organisation, please click here to contact us and discuss further.