'Early Intervention' or 'Intensive Therapy' Is This Even a Sensible Question?

21/06/2019 07:45 to 21/06/2019 08:45
Venue: Lotteries House

'Early Intervention' or 'Intensive Therapy'

Is this even a sensible question?


A breakfast seminar for all Early Childhood Intervention professionals


Dr Peter Rosenbaum

Professor of Paediatrics, Director of CanChild

(direct from Canada via Zoom)



Our traditional approach to interventions in childhood disability has been to offer a host of therapies directed at remediating (even trying to 'fix') the 'impairments' that impact and limit children's function. There has been a belief that more is better, and in some places, at some times, even a sense of a need for 'proportionality' - the more complex the impairments, the more therapy was needed. Sadly, the evidence does not support this approach. Happily, new conceptual frameworks for thinking about childhood disability are freeing us up from these 20th century constraints.

In this talk, Dr Rosenbaum will present and discuss the framework for health of the WHO's International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) and CanChild's whimsical adaptation of the ICF - the 'F-words in childhood disability'. He will offer perspectives on this alternate way to think about and offer developmental support to families of children with impairments that affect their functioning. Dr Rosenbaum will also leave sufficient time for people to say "Yes, but what about.....?"

This event will be held at Lotteries House, 2 Dehli Street, West Perth. There is no free parking available.

There is no cost to attend this event as it is supported by the NGCS grant and note that no catering will be provided.

Please arrive in time to be seated by 7.40am so we can commence on time.

For enquiries, please contact Denise Luscombe on 0438 350 479.



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