Sebastian Della Maddalena – ECIA Board ‘getting to know you’

1. Favourite book, film, quote and song?
I’m not an avid reader, however, I tend to be curious about things I need to know (or at least think I need to know). So, as a child it was reading the Guinness World Records in the school holidays, and now it’s seeming to be more NDIS-related material

2. Who inspires you and why?
I’m inspired by people who are passionate about what they do, and what they believe in. So, this includes my mum, my supervisors as an OT student, and senior managers I’ve worked under.

3. What drew you to work in the early childhood intervention sector? 
I had an OT student placement at Department of Communities which was meant to be in accommodation services, however, worked out it was Early Childhood Intervention (surprise!). Let’s start where it begins – and make a difference where we can – hence my career has largely been in ECI.

4. What motivated you to nominate for the ECIA Board?
I was previously involved in ECIA through the former WA Chapter. After discovering Denise Luscombe was retiring from ECIA National, I felt passionate about ensuring a Board representative was from WA.  Australia is a large country, and it wasn’t too long ago when WA has its own version of the NDIS!

5. What is your vision for the early childhood intervention sector into the future?    
National consistency on best practice, and for Early Childhood Intervention to be responsive to all children’s and family’s needs – with and without disability.