Mary Anne Warner – ECIA Board ‘getting to know you’

1. Favourite book, film, quote and song?
“A Fine Balance” by Rohinton Mistry- interesting, saga, learnt lots about the Indian culture
“Pretty Woman” makes me laugh, light and have seen it a few times
“Hey Jude” brings back old and happy memories

2. Who inspires you and why?
Kate Warner- my sister in law. Governor of Tasmania, Professor of Law, Cancer survivor, tirelessly hard working, committed and ethical and has a sense of fun!

3. What drew you to work in the early childhood intervention sector? 
Originally it was an awakening passion to achieve best outcomes for children in my Kindergarten classes who had attended ECIS Tasmania, addressing different learning styles and adapting curriculum to ensure equitable access and developing an increased insight into the massive impact and knowledge parents have and can contribute to a child’s well- being and education.

4. What motivated you to nominate for the ECIA Board?
I have a newly created position in Tasmania “State-wide Manager of Early Education Support” within the Department of Education. This involves ensuring best practice outcomes for children with additional needs, disability and atypical development within the DOE Early Childhood Intervention Service (ECIS) provision and developing increased state-wide consistency between regional services, working alongside the ECEI- collaboration between Education, the NDIS and other government organisations, greater representation with in the Early Years Sector for children with differentiated learning needs. I want to ensure I keep abreast of latest best practice as well as celebrate and share our island states success and commitment to this area.

5. What is your vision for the early childhood intervention sector into the future?    
Advocate and help to develop best practice across the EI sector ensuring parental voice is heard, practical and achievable solutions are found and that the NDIS/ ECEI and other EI supports constantly adapt to be the best it can be for young children and their families.