Jenna Golab – ECIA Board ‘getting to know you’

1. Favourite book, film, quote and song
As a Speech Pathologist by profession, my favorite books are actually children’s books – right now my favorite book to read is Bamboozled by David Legge, so much fun to read and talk about! 
A film I loved recently was ‘A Star is Born’ and I can’t stop singing the Lady Gaga song ‘Shallow’ from the film – probably my favorite song right now. I’m also a musical theater fiend and can't enough of the classics such as My Fair Lady (which is in part why I became a Speech Pathologist) and modern classics like ‘Wicked’.
My favorite quote at the moment is ‘nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is accomplished’ by Lao Tzu which I find really powerful in so many ways.

2. Who inspires you and why?
There are lots of people who inspire me in different ways and for different reasons, usually it’s people who have encountered adversity in their lives and tackled it head on, with a positive attitude.

3. What drew you to work in the early childhood intervention sector? 
I had intended  to work with adults all through my university years, but luckily my first job was with children, and I was hooked! The opportunity to have such a profound impact in the lives of children and families is so unique and such a privilege. I love seeing the families I work with learn and grow together.

4. What motivated you to nominate for the ECIA Board?
I am passionate about inclusion and supporting children and families to take the wheel and drive along their own unique journeys. Having represented the ACT on the board of ECIA NSW/ACT during the transition to a single national entity I have a strong interest in the success of the national organisation now and into the future. I have worked in various roles as a clinician and manager in the early childhood intervention sector for many years now and have a keen interest in research, evidence based practice, person-centered and genuinely inclusive practices. I have seen first hand how vital early intervention can be in the lives of children and families and am looking forward to supporting ECIA to lead, to drive excellence and to innovate now and into the future.

5. What is your vision for the early childhood intervention sector into the future?    
My hope for the future of the early childhood intervention sector is a genuinely inclusive world where all children have what they need to thrive.