Family Booklet

Choosing Quality Early Childhood Intervention Services and Supports for Your Child: What you need to know

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This booklet provides information for families on choosing quality early childhood intervention (ECI) supports for their child (birth to eight years) with disability and/or developmental delay.

ECI services have changed over the years. These changes have been based on research evidence and family input. This means that sometimes services may look different to what families might expect. This booklet provides information on what high quality evidence-based services and supports look like, to assist you in choosing the right supports and services that will ensure the best possible outcomes for your child and family.

The information is based on the ECIA document, National Guidelines for Best Practice in Early Childhood Intervention. These Guidelines were written for ECI professionals to ensure that they understand contemporary practice.

The aim of this booklet, Choosing Quality Early Childhood Intervention Services and Supports for Your Child: What you need to know, is to ensure that families have their own information about the Guidelines.

This means that families all over Australia, have access to consistent, up-to-date and evidence-based information about how services are now provided, and what determines a quality service. By using the information found in this booklet, families can make informed choices about the ECI services they access.

Steering Committee for Best Practice in ECI for Families Booklet

Project Lead: Early Childhood Intervention Australia (WA/NT Alliance)

Steering Committee Chair: Denise Luscombe

Senior Project Consultant: Sue Davies

ECIA WA/NT Alliance Representatives:

  • Denise Luscombe
  • Sebastian Della Maddalena
  • Carolyn Drummond
  • Paula Buttigieg
  • Gillian King
  • Rachel Shepherd
  • Fiona Kemp
  • Leigh Dix
  • Erica Miles
  • Bea Stanley

ECIA Representatives:

  • Rani Dibley (NSW/ACT)
  • Susan Macgillycuddy (NSW/ACT)
  • Trish Hanna (NSW/ACT)
  • Margie O’Tarpey (NSW/ACT)
  • Cathy Olsson (SA)
  • Anoo Bhopti (VIC/TAS)
  • Heidi De Paoli (VIC/TAS)